Radtec has an offer of both analogue and digital mammography devices with or without 3D or stereotaxis.

Mammography is an examination of the breast, based on a medical imaging method that uses ionizing radiation to detect nodules or microcalcifications.

Mammography uses low-dose radiation and is the only test validated for screening for breast cancer in the general population. In screening, the objective is to diagnose sub-clinical tumors, that is, tumors that are not palpable and that do not show other signs or symptoms.

Digital mammography is an examination of the breast that allows simpler and faster processing of the images, allowing the Doctor (a) Radiologist the possibility of working with the digital image, namely making enlargements and modifying its characteristics, such as brightness and contrast.

In breast tomosynthesis, also called 3D mammography, it is a technological development of digital mammography and consists of the acquisition of images in different angles for the formation of the final three-dimensional image.


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Mammography Summary

  • Analog or digital mammography devices
  • With or without 3D
  • With or without sterotaxis
  • Low dose radiation
  • Single breast cancer exam
  • Breast tomosynthesis

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