Medical Image Scanning

Radtec has a wide range of CR equipment for digitizing the medical image that can help clinics both in the transition from conventional to digital radiology and in the acquisition of new digital systems with advantageous conditions.

Conventional radiology uses traditional X-ray films made up of silver crystals stimulated by radiation as physical support for the image and used chemicals to develop them. This process was discontinued due to the high relief time, the polluting chemicals and the higher radiation dose for the patient.

Currently, with digitalization, the radiographic image is obtained on a computer by reading a phosphor screen called image plate (IP). This scanning process is performed by the equipment called CR so that the image appears on the computer. This digital technology allows post-processing of the image, such as adjusting the contrast, which is clearly an asset for those who interpret the RX.

Digital radiology also facilitates the mobility of exams, that is, doctors are able to access them much more quickly through local networks or the Internet, making it possible to compare with previous exams already filed.

For the patient, the greatest advantage in the use of digital radiology is due to the lower dose of radiation due to less time in image processing combined with the reduced number of shots. Faster diagnostics speeding up patient results, speed up workflow as well as cost efficiency with high image quality and improved patient care.


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Digitization and Image Summary

  • Varied offer
  • Allows post-processing of the image
  • Exam mobility
  • Lower radiation dose
  • Higher image quality
  • Faster work

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