Radtec has digital orthopantomography equipment with or without arm for cephalometry. Its range of equipment includes lightweight orthopantomographs that can be installed on the wall for clinics with little space or who want a smaller investment.

Through this orthopantomography equipment, orthopantomography is also obtained, also called panoramic radiography and which serves as an auxiliary diagnostic tool for dentists. Currently with digital orthopantomography, it is possible to store the image in digital format, enabling its archiving and sharing by digital means.

This examination is often requested by dentists in their daily practice and is a very important diagnostic aid. This type of examination covers a significantly larger area than that obtained with a conventional intraoral x-ray, providing important information about the positioning of teeth in the dental arches, pathologies or bone anomalies and the relation of the maxillary sinuses, among many others.


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Orthopantomography Summary

  • With or without cafelometry arm
  • Possible wall installation
  • Ideal for Dentists
  • Digital format
  • Area larger than intraoral x-ray

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